Saturday, October 23, 2010

Side door overhang

Since we bought the house, we always thought the side door entrance needed an overhang. My design was to have the brackets match the existing roof brackets, the pitch and width match the house, and a wainscoting ceiling to match the porch ceiling. Jerry cut into the siding with a skill saw, and never cracked a piece of siding. Everything fit into place perfectly. He did an amazing job. The ceiling light matches the two lights on the porch as well.

It really looks like it has always been there. Which was the idea.


  1. Hi,
    I love your door overhang. Could you post the dimensions? Thank you!

  2. Not sure if this blog is still active but I would also be interested in these dimensions. Looks great!

  3. Hello! We built a small portico fashioned after this and it looks amazing, here are our dimensions:
    7'wide, 2' deep
    corbels: 35.5" tall 26" deep
    61" between the corbels, ours is wider than the one pictured because our porch light is on one side of the door and we made equal space on each side because of that.
    26.5 degree slope, we matched our roof pitch so yours might be different than that. Would be happy to provide more information if needed!

  4. I’m interested in this too... please show pics and how you fastened it to the house.